When you’re getting started in this world, in addition to learning to decipher patterns, different stitches, techniques, etc., one of the first things you should know is how to count the rows in your project if you don’t want to drive yourself crazy. In fact, even after you’ve been knitting a while, you can still […]

Finita Yarn

The We Are Knitters team is always working on ways to respond to your concerns and please you when innovating new fibers, colors, and finishes. It is really important to us to listen to your opinions, not only to fulfill your wishes, but also, thanks to you we can ALL continue to advance in the […]

Thank you and happy WAK-birthday!

Just like every year about this time we come to a halt to look back, to remember all that we have gone through together. Each year we take stock of what we have accomplished; our collections, our past and future collaborations, new projects like new fiber launches or the new BOX we surprised you with, […]

How to crochet houndstooth stitch

There are classic patterns that never go out of style and look great for any occasion, such as houndstooth. So, in today’s post we will explain how to crochet the houndstooth stitch. It’s a reversible stitch, fun to crochet, and so easy that it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter. […]

Remix Yarn

One of the main characteristics of the We Are Knitters team is its unstoppable search of sustainable balance and the protection of the environment; because if we’ve come so far… why not keep doing it? And after much effort, we have finally made it again. We Are Knitters welcomes our newest fibre, REMIX YARN. Our […]


If you have ever wondered if you should sew a hem on a knitting project, the answer is yes, sometimes you should. If you don’t know how, WeAreKnitters can help you with this and many other things. Hang with us and see how simple it is. To make it happen you will need: Tapestry needle […]

How to reclaim used yarn

As a good knitter, surely you have a project that you started one day, but without knowing how or why, you ended up leaving in the background to start other things that you wanted to knit more. After some time, you know you’ll never finish the project, but you love the yarn and want to […]

How to crochet lacy star stitch

Summer is a great time to learn new stitches, especially airy, lacy stitches to wear to the beach or the pool. Today’s stitch is really easy to do and makes a light, summery fabric. In this post we used our Pima cotton and a size 8 crochet hook. You will need to know how to […]

How to carry yarn up when you crochet stripes

Learning new techniques is very important for creating impeccable projects. The more techniques you master, the better your work will look. In this post, we’ll learn a nearly invisible way to carry our yarn along the sides when we crochet stripes. To make the sample, we’ve used three colors of Pima Cotton and a 5 […]


Today we are going to learn how to make a traditional stitch made up of lacy triangles. It never goes out of style and you can use if for any of your projects. It’s the perfect stitch for good weather, an airy design to make light-weight garments.  Even if you are a beginner you can […]

T- C2C Technique (corner to corner)

If there’s something that all crocheters feel like doing when the good weather arrives, it’s to pull out their cotton yarn, start to crochet, to play with colors and tones to create projects that give good vibes. Today we want to teach you how to work the C2C technique (Corner to corner) with which you […]

How to work mock double crochet

The edges of the fabric, when we’re talking about crochet, are always for many a matter of frustration and improvement. Sometimes the transition from one row to the other is too noticeable if made with chains and we aren’t able to make it completely disguised. Especially if, for example, they are the front pieces of […]

How to knit lace cables

You always see other people’s projects made of beautiful, complicated stitches, and you wonder how they do it, while you’re stuck using the same old simple stitch you learned a long time ago…. well, what are you waiting for?! You just need a little patience and time to learn. We are going to show you […]

Kuinka neuloa yksi silmukka kaksi kertaa

Rakastamme neuloa omat vaatteemme, se on meille todellinen pakkomielle. Joskus neulominen saattaa kuitenkin aiheuttaa päänvaivaa, kuten silmukoiden lisääminen eri tilanteissa, tai kun ohjeessa ilmoitetaan “neulo 1 silmukka kaksi kertaa”. Nämä tilanteet saattavat herättää kysymyksen: miten minun on tarkoitus neuloa sama silmukka kaksi kertaa? Tänään aiomme näyttää kuinka yhden silmukan voi neuloa kaksi kertaa eri tekniikoita […]

Mitä tehdä puuvillan virkattujen rannekorun jäännösten kanssa

We Are Knitterssillä pidämme helposta ja nopeista projekteista, joihin pääset käyttämään ylijääneitä langanpätkiä. Ylijäämälankoja ei tulisi unohtaa, niitä varten on olemassa lukuisia töitä. Tänään aiomme näyttää kuinka langanpätkistä voi virkata keväisiä rannekoruja. Tässä ohjeessa olemme käyttäneetkoon 5mm virkkuukoukkua, Pima puuvillaa, nappeja (voit käyttää nappeja vanhoista vaatteista), ompelulankaa, ompleuneulaa, sekä neulaa työn päättelyä varten. Tämän työn […]


Jos sinulla on jo hallinnassa virkkaamisen perussilmukat ja kaipaat hieman uutta haastetta, on tämä ohje sinua varten. Spike silmukka on hauska ja helppo tapa antaa töillesi lisäilmetta, sekä lisätä eri värejä työhön. Tarvitset tämän työn tekemiseen: koon 5 mm virkkuukoukkua, sekä Pima Puuvillaa eri väreissä. Tämä silmukka on hauska ja helppo. Tehdäksesi kyseistä silmukkaa, sinun […]