How to embroider motifs on the fabric


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It is becoming very trendy lately to embroider motifs on knitted garments. Once you have your finished garment it is a way to give it a unique and special touch. We love how it looks. In today’s post we are going to teach you how to embroider flowers that you can vary and combine in many ways.

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For this step-by-step tutorial we are going to use: one of our skeins of Pima cotton, our new yarn The Twist and Shout Yarn, a pair of size 8 (5 mm) knitting needles and tapestry needles to embroider our flowers on the fabric.

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The first thing we did was knit a small sample in stockinette stitch to embroider on it. If you already have your made, you can skip this step ;-)
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Thread your needle with the wool you use to embroider. Make a small knot at the end of your yarn so that it does not slip through to the right side of the fabric.

How to embroider the petals

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Find the spot on the fabric where you want to place the center of the flower and insert the needle there from back to front. You have to pull the yarn all the way through, until the knot on the end is flush to the fabric on the wrong side.
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Insert the needle back into the same spot where you pulled it through.

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When inserting the needle through the point where we took it out, we let the yarn form a small loop. The loop should be as long as you want the petal of the flower.
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Now we are going to secure the end of the petal so that it does not fall out, to do so, find a point below the end of the petal and insert the needle there, as you can see in the image above.
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Pass the needle over the end of the petal and put it back in at a point above the first.
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In this way the petal will not come undone and we will leave it well secured to the fabric.
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Repeat the previous steps 2 more times, so that your petal has 3 strands in total to give it more body and stands out more on the fabric
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Repeat the whole process above making as many petals as you want your flower to have.

Center knot

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The center of our flower will be formed by a small knot. To do this, pull the needle out through the center of the flower.
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Wrap the yarn around the needle four times.

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Being careful not to let the yarn unwind, insert the needle back into the center of the flower.

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Pull the rest of the yarn through until the knot is fastened.
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We will repeat the previous steps to make all of the flowers we want with the combinations that we want. You can form five-petal flowers with a center of three knots, three-petal flowers with two knots, etc. The sky’s the limit :-)

We look forward to seeing the combinations you make and for which projects you do your embroidery.

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