How to join granny squares with a crochet hook


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There’s been this myth around forever: joining granny squares is a complete bummer. Making the squares? No problem. But then the idea of putting them together makes us lazy because we’re not sure if it will look good.

This post will bust that myth forever and ensure that, yes, your join will be perfect, and you will love this last step of your project. We already talked to you in this other post about how to join granny squares with an invisible seam, and today we show you how to do it with a crochet hook.

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For this step-by-step, we’ve used one skein of Pima Cotton and one 5 mm crochet hook.

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The first thing we should have ready before starting the tutorial are a few granny squares. At least four to be able to make both the vertical and horizontal joins. Any type of granny will work, but if you don’t know which one to make, we recommend that you take a look at our post on how to crochet a Basic Granny Square. You can use any color combinations you want, there are no limits! Once you have them made, we’ll begin to join them.

Order to follow

This is the order that we will follow in the joining of the granny squares: first the vertical joins and then the horizontal ones.

So that you don’t get lost during the process (especially if it’s a large project like a blanket), we recommend organizing all the granny squares on a table and arranging them in the final design of your project. This way, you will only have to join the squares without thinking or looking for what comes next.

Join the corners

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With the hook ready with the yarn we’re going to use to join the granny squares (we are using a contrast color so that you can easily see the join, but typically you use the same color that you used in the outer round of the granny so that the join is more concealed), we put the hook through the corner of the upper granny square.

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Next, we put the hook back (as you are seeing in the upper image) in the corner of the lower granny square.

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We take the yarn with which we are working, and we slide the hook through the two corners, crocheting a slip stitch.

(You can review how to slip a slip stitch here.)

Now that we have the corners joined, we’re going to see how to join the remaining of the sides of the two squares.

Join the sides

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Now that we have the corners joined, let’s see how to join the sides. To do this, we must insert the hook in the upper part of the next stitch that we find. As you can see in the image above, we don’t insert the hook through the entire stitch, but in the outer half of it.

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We repeat the previous step, this time with the square below: we find the equivalent stitch on the granny and pass the hook through the outside of the stitch.

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We once again use the yarn in the color with which we are working and make a slip stitch by passing the hook through the two stitches that we have picked up.

So that you can more clearly see how it’s done, we have prepared a small video for you 😉

It is always better to see it live and direct!

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With the same mechanics as in the previous steps, we continue joining the rest of the side of our grannies, until we reach their corners.

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We join the corners as we explained in the section of this post titled “Join the corners”.

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Once we have the first two joined, we will move on to the next two. Remember that we will always make the vertical joins first.

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We make the corner join as we have seen previously.

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And we continue to join the sides of the grannies.

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Until we reach the upper corners, which we will also join.

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We have now finished vertically joining the grannies.

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Now we will start with the horizontal join, and we will do it in the same way that we have done the vertical: we will join the corners and continue to join the sides.

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When we reach the intersection of the vertical and horizontal joins, we will carefully join the corners as we have been doing throughout the process. The horizontal join is above the vertical one.

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Then we will continue to join the sides of the grannies.

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This way, we can join our granny square project. It’s nice, right?

Now all that remains is to finish off the strands that we have hanging from our project and it’s ready to use!

We hope that this step by step will be useful in wiping out your laziness when working on projects like this. It is very relaxing to work the joins 🙂 Share your projects with us on the social networks with the hashtag #weareknitters. It’s always a pleasure to see the creativity with which you use our crochet materials.

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