Millions of people around the world use knitting as a form of relaxation, it helps us to disconnect from everything around us creating a positive stimulus that produces a feeling of well-being. Thousands of knitters familiar with these benefits have even united knitting with ASMR relaxation techniques to increase its benefits even more. You don’t know what ASMR stands for? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you!

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and could be defined as a sensory response associated with pleasure or a sense of well-being.


In general the exaltation of these stimuli is aural in nature, rarely visual and very rarely due to tactile stimulus. For this reason this type of stimuli are linked to calmness, or even sleep, rather than to sexual connotations which are linked to excitement.

One could explain it like this: ASMR is the label used to define the result thought to generate this pleasurable state for the spectator, for example, through videos where we can watch someone cutting polyurethane foam, soap or watch someone popping balloons in slow motion. Aurally, through very soft, almost indiscernible, whispers or murmurs, with very soft sounds, etc…, tactilely through manual activities such as knitting. In the video below we show you a clear example of how to combine this technique with knitting, we guarantee it won’t disappoint you:

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